Monday, May 07, 2012

Hush puppies & Hobbits

Hi y'all! I want to share some pictures from the fun Cameron Antique Fair this past Saturday. I helped with frying hush puppies and we had the best time. (Perhaps the most fun was shouting 'thanks be to God!' whenever the servers yelled for more hush puppies.). Tons and tons of people come as vendors and shoppers for this event twice a year (Texans, think Round Top). Events like this not only raise funds for the mission efforts of our church, they bring folks together through hard work.

Having worked all day Saturday, I took today off and have enjoyed relaxing with Hayden. I went to a bakery for a cappuccino and breakfast enjoyed while reading The Hobbit outside. Then I put Hayden in my bag and he just loved being toted around from shop to shop. There are so many areas around here I haven't yet explored, so today I wandered around downtown Aberdeen, enjoying the shops, painted brick and train depot. Now it's about time for some coffee ice cream and more Hobbit. Back to work for a meeting tonight, but until then, I shall relax. Hope y'all are having a fabulous Monday.

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