Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my wee house

Hello! Here are a few pictures of my house in Belfast. I really love it. Miss you all. :) Whitney

Front door

My little reading area in my room :)


My bed/table

The bathroom

The kitchen (where all the magic happens)


Tara said...

Whit...your house is so cute. It fits you perfectly!! Glad to hear that you are settled and loving it!

gareth higgins said...

Hi Whitney - Gareth here - very nice to see you at the airport at our mutual moments of transition; hope Belfast is great for you in this next stage of your life. Visit me at my own blog from time to time...All the best.

Marci Glass said...

What a gorgeous space!
Hope all is going well.

Cecilia said...

Whitney, things look so great over there and your house is so cute! I have missed seeing you, but I am so grateful for your blog! Take care!

Sarah said...

Whitney, your house is so perfectly you. Hopefully we will be able to come over there and visit. Love and miss you.

Erin said...

I love your place, friend! Very you. Hope Germany was wonderful!

Jessi said...

Sarah and I looked at these together and talked about how much we miss you (via internet)! Love you!