Thursday, September 04, 2008

habits hatching hospitality

-The little friendly (we think) dog who always follows my Mom and me every time we ride our bikes past his house. We've been bike riding every morning, and every morning he's there, waiting to run alongside us.
-Buying fresh organic eggs from my Mom's friend Lola. She has lots of chickens in her spacious backyard, and I enjoyed watching them prance their way through a sprinkler while a large rooster watched. The eggs always come in many colors and sizes, and we used them to make open-faced fried egg, tomato and arugula sandwiches for lunch. Delicious.

-Getting an email from Chris in Belfast letting me know that I was welcome to stay and eat at Heather's (my boss) house for the first night I'm there, "just so you can ease yourself in gently." I also got a second email saying, "If there is anything you need to ask or anything you think you'll need when you get here please just ask, we want to make this as good/comfortable/easy for you as possible! Nothing is too trivial!" There really is nothing like Northern Irish hospitality, and just the offer (which I'll take them up on) already makes me feel more comfortable with the journey and transition ahead.

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