Friday, July 04, 2008

mo(ntreat) grace

I'm in Montreat, North Carolina for two weeks helping with Youth Conferences and catching up with great seminary friends.

-The view from my window. The mountains, lake, trees and hills are gorgeous. I also love the windows open, letting cool-from-a-fresh-rain-air inside.

-Lovely pink zinnias adding spashes of color to our walk as Erin and I explore Black Mountain, NC.
-An old weathered wall with shadows from trees dancing on it.

-Seeing mountains in the distance. It just adds an outdoorsy and natural feel to the scenery.


EmJayDee said...

I love that view from your window! WOW. Nice to meet you via Presbyterian Bloggers (where I just visit from time to tme)

halleberry said...

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