Monday, February 13, 2012

follow the light

-A gloriously vibrant winter's morning with fuzzy buds stretching towards the sun, preparing for spring.

-Presiding at the Table and looking out at all the faces that have already become familiar.

-Going to a presbytery education event and seeing my good friend Jeremy, who led us in a workshop on finding our creativity.  We played fun creative games, watched an amazing video by National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones, and worked at overcoming the obstacles to creativity.  It was great fun.

-Hanging out with Mary the Music Director and shopping around for various home decor items.  I discovered a discounted bedside lamp with a burlap shade stamped with whimsical teacups and a sea glass teal large candle pedestal.

-Giving myself a recharge day (to make up for having worked all day Saturday) and  realizing how important and refreshing these days are in the middle of all of the joys and demands of ministry.

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