Thursday, January 19, 2012

morning glory

-A fiery sunrise behind wintery trees.

-Meeting a teenager from the church for coffee and being impressed with her strong sense of self.  In a world where teenagers are told more and more who to be, this gal with blue-streaked hair and dreams of being a writer isn't afraid to be herself.

-Going to a clergy gathering and seeing my friend Jeremy from seminary.  It's wonderful to walk into a room of would-be strangers and immediately get a hug from an old buddy.  During the lunch, I had a moment where I looked over and thought how interesting it was to have served in different places and wind up back in the same room again.


Lynn said...

Lovely post, Whit - all of it. I love that you are encouraging the teenager and that you encountered Jeremy again.

That photo is gorgeous. Just breathtaking.

E Hendrickson said...

Isn't it nice to see yourself in someone else. :-)