Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, dear friends, it was high time I snuck away for a couple of days to Castlerock and so I did just that. Sermon marinating, liturgy for Sunday finished, t's crossed and i's dotted, I took that cosy Hogwarts express (donning my comfy beach dress with coffee in tow) to Castlerock to stay at the wonderful Auterson's holiday home. The mission was simple: r&r in the form of delicious homemade food, a marathon of the old BBC Pride & Prejudice dvds, lazy walks on the beach and reading that infamous Wilbur Smith tome. Mission accomplished (as you can see)!

After unloading my obscene amount of stuff in the house (remember just how massive that Wilbur Smith book is), I walked up to the one shop to get the necessary dairy products (milk, cheese, butter) and then to Ruth's Bakery for wheaten bread hot from the oven and, finally, to the butcher. He looked barely open, but I shyly entered and asked if he might have some sirloin steak, chicken and farm fresh eggs and he got them for me. He asked if I was there on holiday and I confirmed this and informed him that I was planning to clearly eat my way through two days. I said I was glad he was open and he smartly remarked, "Well, with pretty girls like you coming in, we'll always be open!" I actually giggled, despite myself, giddy with the promise of a good steak and fluffy compliments.

Don't think I left you behind, chums, on my Castlerock Adventure Part II. I've taken plenty of pictures to share. Enjoy your wee trip to Castlerock with me. :)

coffee on the casterock express

blondies made from (oh yes) Barefoot Contessa mix. divine. they tasted remarkably like the giant cookie cakes my Mom used to make me for my birthday as a kid. curious. ;)
chicken-wrapped asparagus with thyme-scented rice and lemon-garlic butter. shazaam. those are some delicious hyphenates.
that glorious steak with homemade fries and roasted fresh corn.
a perfect cup of tea worthy of Mr. Darcy.

it was windy.



BRW said...

Heavenly's the word, Lady Whitney. I'm so happy for your two-day extravaganza and blissful blessings. Love you . . .

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous sights you have seen AND recorded for all of us to enjoy! Loved ALL of them! g/m

Fiona McNeill said...

those people at the back of that photo are from cssm!! :)

Whitney said...

M&D: It was just wonderful! That steak wasn't as good as Dad's but pretty tasty. :)

GM: You'd love Castlerock (though I'm afraid there's only one place to shop!). The beach is so different from Corpus, but gorgeous.

F: Well spotted! Hope it was fun.