Friday, October 24, 2008

i'm baaack

Sorry I've been away so long! I've had a not-so-fun chest infection and have been at home all week (sadly without internet). I'm feeling much better, so back at work and back to blogging!

-Really thoughtful people helping me feel better: Jonee came home with a get well card and some hot chocolate, and the Blake's donated homemade soup, an extra-warm fleece blanket and Jo's favorite hoodie.

-Lunch with Roberta and Lois where we laughed a lot and enjoyed talking in fake accents (all prompted by my improper pronunciation of "croissant").

-Being back at work and enjoying sarcastic banter with my co-worker. I love (and sometimes tire of...but mostly love) Northern Irish sarcasm.

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Lynn said...

I'm glad you are better Whitney. Sounds like you've gotten some good new friends!