Friday, December 04, 2009

heaven is a chocolate biscuit

-Going into the church during Nightreach to find some bags of clothes for Roma families and walking back out to see a crowd of community wardens (who passed word via their radios that there were bacon sandwiches to be found and all came) and Roma women all huddled together against the middle-of-the-night cold being served warm soup, sandwiches and biscuits. Something about the image of it all made me pause for half a second and smile before returning to the table.

-Being on the phone with my mom at the exact moment that it started snowing in Texas. She suddenly drew in a breath and said, "Oh, wow. It's snowing!"

-My first day off in ten days made perfect by a good sleep-in after Nightreach, red flannel pj's, old Friends episodes, a warm cuppa tea and dark chocolate digestive biscuits. Heavenly.


Lynn said...

Snowing in Texas. How about that?

I LOVE those chocolate digestive biscuits. I buy them from a purveyor of UK food products at the Stone Mountain Highland games every year.

Party of Five said...

Digestive Biscuits? Isn't that discrimanatory against all OTHER biscuits though? I mean, technically all biscuits are digestible. I'm just sayin'...